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Wellness ~ Soft Adventure ~ Unpretentious Luxury

Small Group Travel for Like-Minded Travelers


When you travel with a Small Group of no more than 12 like-minded travelers, you're afforded the opportunity of meaningful, unhurried connection, authentic experiences that allow you to be a part of the local scene, and the luxury of personal time for reflection without the fear of missing out, often experienced with larger groups.  

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About LOKA Travel....


Hi!  I'm so glad you're here!!  I'm Chanda Levy, Certified Travel Associate, Owner, and Virtuoso Luxury Travel Advisor for LOKA Travel.  


My heart is to encourage women to live lives of Total Wellness -- Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially, and Physically, including their physical bodies and physical space at home.  

LOKA Travel creates wonderful opportunities for women (and sometimes men!) to stretch and grow in many ways through traveling the world, eating great food, socializing with each other, as well as people from other cultures, and re-discovering self while participating in curated Wellness + Soft Adventure activities all along the way!  

While I am the face and heart of LOKA Travel, I have many loving hands that help make beautiful travel possible.  That's a large part of the wonder of travel; it takes the contributions of many to take excellent care of a few.  I certainly hope we have the opportunity to work together in the near future. 

When a woman takes care of herself, and is well, everyone in her life benefits from it.  Shalom and blessings!  

Why Travel with Us?


Travel with us because you're ready for a FUN, Active Luxury experience that affords you many opportunities to enjoy Inspired Wellness + Soft Adventure!  

Travel with us because this isn't just what we do, it's who we are!  I fell in love with travel that included hiking, walking, or biking, followed by delightful meals, with spa and other self-care activities sprinkled in.  My husband and I have been on quite a few exciting adventures (with lots of stories to tell!), and were even featured in the 2019 Backroads Travel catalog!  We literally walk the walk around here.... 

Travel with us because you've put yourself on the back burner for far too long, and you're ready to start making your Life, your Joy, and your Well-Being a priority.  

Travel with us because LOKA means world, and it's like music to your ears!  It's time to explore the world, and you're ready!!  

Travel with us because we're committed to you, your experience, and Global Education by offering Travel Styles Seminars and Destination Spotlight sessions!  


Our Kind of Travel....


As the primary focus, or a key component, Wellness is always on the itinerary for your departure!  Anything from dedicated Spa travel to cooking classes, meditation and guided journaling, to shopping at a shuk in Israel or a Farmer's Market in Vermont -- it's all fair game, and you can count on us to craft an experience that will aid in renewing your mind and spirit.  Take a deep breath, and say shalom....

Soft Adventure

We really like the word 'soft' in Soft Adventure, because that means nearly anyone can enjoy and appreciate the benefits of active travel.  Hiking, walking, and biking are a few of the usual suspects we can include.... but here at LOKA Travel we like to spice it up and love it when our clients choose to add salsa dancing, snow shoeing, hip hop, or even boxing to their departures!  We'll help you add a variety of excitement and adventure for your journey no matter where in the world you may be!! 

Pure Fun + Unpretentious Luxury

We hope you can tell by now that we like to enjoy ourselves!  And we LOVE to extend that enjoyment to our clients through spectacular itineraries that resonate deeply on the inside, and sparkle brightly on the outside.  While we deeply appreciate the introspective, inside-job part of travel we often experience, we pay plenty of attention to the 'sparkle'!  

We believe luxury is for everyone, and should be totally compatible with other words we love like passionate, unconventional, whimsical, exhilarating, outlandish, funny, and sometimes downright offbeat (or maybe just off the beaten path) -- while still bespoke! We sure hope you didn't find stuffy, staid, uppity, snobbish, or snooty on that list! Good!!  Because we really do revel in the finer things in life, and we actually think it's okay to smile and have FUN while we enjoy them....

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