Frequently Asked Questions

Does your agency charge Planning Fees?


Yes.  Our agency is very similar to the many Professional Service Providers you encounter in daily life, who charge you for their expertise, time, and services provided.  We may differ, however, from other travel providers in that we create customized travel offerings for our clients, keenly focused on their personal interests and preferences, building relationships and Travel Plans that help in fulfilling their desire to see the world in an upscale and exciting way.  We certainly understand that this level of service may not be a suitable option for everyone.

Do you only work with Groups?


No.  While the majority of our clients travel as a part of a Small Group, there are clients (whom often come from one of our Small Groups) that want to enjoy the same high level of attentiveness, service, and luxury on a trip of their own, perhaps with a spouse, friend, child, sibling, or solo.  If you are interested in a Private Departure, please contact us to discuss.  

Why the focus on Active, Small Group Travel?


Our specialization in Small Group Travel stems from our desire to provide highly customized and luxurious experiences that transcend travel itself.  Our aim is to elevate your Wellness + Soft Adventure journey into one brimming with experiential learning, personal growth, child-like exploration, and camaraderie that all but guarantees your time is well invested -- and travel is so many times more rewarding and FUN when experienced with those who share similar interests!